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Code Description
ac15 Air conditioner 1.5 ton unit
ac20 Air conditioner 2.0 ton unit
ac25 Air conditioner 2.5 ton unit
ac30 Air conditioner 3.0 ton unit
ac35 Air conditioner 3.5 ton unit
ac12 Upgrade air conditioner to higher SEER rating
acri Air conditioner rough-in from furnace to exterior location
acxx Misc. air conditioning

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Managing the upgrade process is what Mountainview Homes does best. Our average home buyer adds over $35,000 in upgrades to their home so we suggest that home buyers take the cost of upgrades into account when comparing builders’ final prices.

Mountainview Homes does not charge home buyers to do change orders. Home buyers can do as many change orders as they want, whenever they want, as long as the item being changed has not been ordered. We believe that every home should be a unique reflection of that home buyer’s needs and wants and Mountainview Homes works to make the process as easy as possible.
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