Mountainview Customer Care


Mountainview Homes is committed to creating a superior customer experience every step of the

3. How to Request Service

Need service during the construction process or after closing? It's easy and direct. Simply contact your client services team member at the sales office located at the site where your home was built. If you don't know which sales office that is, you can contact our head office at (905) 688-3100 for the contact information.

All service requests will be inputted into the Mountainview service system by your client services representative who will follow up to ensure that all enquiries or requests for service are addressed in a timely fashion. Service requests should only be addressed to client services representatives at the sales offices. Requests directed to site staff and trades may not be tracked in our system. Once a request has been entered in our system, home owners can visit MyHome tracker on the web to see the request or the entire service history for the home.

In the case of an after hours emergency, Mountainview has a call answer service that can be reached by calling the head office at (905) 688-3100.
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