Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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All painted work will need to be repainted eventually. Mountainview recommends that home owners wait to repair nail pops and other shrinkage related drywall defects until repainting the home. Mountainview also recommends that home owners select neutral pastel colours when the home is first built, then upgrade to darker colours when repainting after all the shrinkage has occurred. Many home owners prefer to have darker colours applied when the home is first built. This leads to higher paint touch up costs to the home owner after shrinkage related defects have been repaired.

Fading of interior and exterior paints and stains is normal. The degree of fading depends on the environmental conditions (e.g. southern exposures), and the depth of the colour (darker colours fade more). Touched up areas cannot be expected to match the original paint perfectly due to aging and environmental soiling of the original finish.

To clean marks on walls, a solution of 5% dish liquid in water rubbed with a cloth in an up-down motion or side to side motion works best. Rubbing the wall in a circular motion will remove most paints from the wall.

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