Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Roof Shingles

Water leakage resulting from improper maintenance or an act of God is excluded from the statutory warranty. Secondary damage to property or any personal injury resulting from water penetration is also excluded from the statutory warranty.

Roof leaks that appear after two to three years are most often due to deterioration of the caulking at roof flashings. The roof caulking must be inspected and repaired at least every two years.

The shingles carry a 30 year manufacturers warranty. This is a prorated warranty on materials only that is provided directly by the manufacturer. The longer the shingles last, the smaller the amount covered by the warranty.

Severe weather and wind gusts can sometimes exceed the design limitations of the shingles. Winds in excess of 100km per hour may cause shingles to blow off. This is a maintenance item. After a large storm it is recommended that home owners do an inspection to determine if there has been any damage.

Home owners are to ensure that all eavestroughs are kept free of any buildups which may cause the eavestroughs and downspouts to malfunction.

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