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Plan of Survey

A plan of survey is provided at the time of closing. This legal survey will denote the location of your home within your property, your property limits, boundaries, and if applicable, it will also indicate any easements that exist on your lot.

An easement is a legal, but limited right to use part of the property for service pipes or wires. These easements are put in place by the utility company, or the municipality and are registered on the title of your property. There are restrictions as to what can be done on these easements, and so we recommend that home owners speak with the utility which possesses the easement prior to starting any work on the easement. The most common easement in a new subdivision is for storm sewer pipes which lead to a catch basin, and storm sewer pipes belong to the local municipality.

Please also note that the front yard of your property does not extend to the sidewalk or curb, these are public utilities which are located within the municipally owned boulevard. Any structures, flower beds, sprinkler systems, etc. which are constructed on the boulevard could be required to be removed by the municipality, or if damaged, may not be replaced or repaired by the municipality. We suggest therefore that purchasers contact the municipality before starting any work on the boulevard.

If you intend to construct a fence on your property, we suggest you hire a legal surveyor to confirm your property boundaries. Property (iron) bars are put in place at the time the subdivision is created, however, during construction these bars can become bent, or damaged, and so could be inaccurate. These bars will be adjusted if necessary at the assumption phase of the subdivision. Mountainview Homes cannot guarantee that the location of the existing property bars is correct and will not be held responsible for problems with fences that were improperly located. Should a fence or any other structure be erected on lands other than your own, the resulting encroachment may require removal. It is for these reasons that Mountainview Homes suggests hiring a legal surveyor to layout your property boundaries if you wish to erect a structure or fence in your yard. Wooden stakes are not property bars, and swales do not represent property boundaries.

If installing a fence, fence posts are to be located on one side of the swale or the other to avoid blocking the swale and causing standing water. Similar to an encroachment, if the local municipality is concerned that the fence interferes with the grading and drainage of your lot, their forced relocation of this fence would be the home owners responsibility.

Call Before You Dig

When digging for fence posts, landscaping, etc. home owners MUST call for utility locations. Ontario-One-Call (1-800-400-2255 or www.on1call.com) will arrange for most locates. If they do not do a particular type of locate they will advise home owners on who to contact. This service is free of charge but requires up to 5 working days to complete. No one wants to hit a buried utility. A buried utility could be someone’s lifeline, and/or could cause personal injury or death if severed while digging.

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