Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, or additions, alterations and deletions made by the homeowner is not covered by the statutory warranty. Professional brick tinting methods are acceptable to adjust colour and texture when the brick appearance is not uniform.

Weep holes are required by code to allow moisture to escape from behind brick. They must always be kept clear and open so they can drain the water that gets behind the brick freely. Home owners should never place soil (flower beds) against brick. This will cause the brick to deteriorate and could cause leaks by plugging up the weep holes.

Brick mortar shrinkage during curing of the masonry is acceptable. Mortar joints, particularly in stone sills will often crack over time and should be sealed or repointed to prevent leaks.

Care must be used in cleaning masonry. Although pressure washing and chemical cleaners are often used to clean masonry, they must be used properly and in accordance with brick manufacturer’s specifications. Pressure washers must be set at or below 700 PSI pressure and muriatic acid based Sureclean 600 is the recommended chemical cleaner. Some have had luck removing white deposits using equal amounts cleaning vinegar (10% acetic acid) and water. A brush with plastic bristles can be used with the chemical cleaner to lightly scrub the brick surface.

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