Mountainview My Home Tracker


Check-in on the construction of your Mountainview Home 24/7. Keep track of the entire process!


At Mountainview, we believe that homeowners should be involved at all stages of the homebuilding process. This includes keeping a continual flow of information going to the homeowner. We have MyHome Tracker, a comprehensive purchaser information database that gives homeowners complete access to their purchase information available through the web 24/7. They can review their construction schedule, change orders, available upgrades, service history and more.

It is very empowering and the customer learns about the homebuilding process. Access to this information allows homebuyers to make pertinent purchase decisions in a timely fashion. Homeowners can even have access to MyHome Tracker after “closing“ to keep track of the service history of their home.

MyHome Tracker is compatible with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows, Safari and Chrome on Mac OS X, Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS. Please ensure you are using the latest version of these web browsers. Other browsers are not supported at this time.
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