4 Reasons Why You'll want to Choose Mountainview Homes

Good Bones

A Solid Foundation with Steel Support

We have exceeded building codes with a 25% stronger foundation that has less cracking. We pour 20 MPa concrete foundation walls with two pieces of rebar at the top.

Rain Gear Supplied - Eliminated Basement Leaks

Delta MS foundation drainage acts like a rain coat for your home and makes sure leaks are eliminated.

Industry leading Air Barrier

Saves energy and reduces drafts at tubs, windows, etc.

Straight Support

Metal studs are used for framing to ensure there are square corners and straight lines at all drywall boxing on the main floor, while ensuring an air tight seal inside the boxing to protect ducts from the elements.

Strong and Silent Type

Subfloors glued and screwed to floor joists make a stronger floor with less squeaks.

Mighty Metal

Metal angles at outside corners and at ceilings result in fewer drywall cracks at corners and at trusses than does wood backing.

Worry no More

Mountainview applies a spray foam air seal below rooms over the garage, keeping cold air out and providing the warmest floor temperature possible.

Breath Easy

Humidity controlled ventilation system included, keeping indoor air fresh and clean. It also eliminates high humidity levels and window condensation.

Within Reach

Plumbing shut-of valves allow for convenient control of water supply to the fixtures.

Independent Framing Inspections

An experienced 3rd party framer does a 150 point review of every house.

Internal Quality Inspections

A 1500 point review is done prior to the Pre-Delivery Inspection.

Virtually Leak Proof Roofs

30 year shingles and hurricane roof vents keep the snow and water out.

New Generation Sump Pumps

Sump pumps with sealed lids & alarms keep the humidity out of the basement and substantially decrease the chance of basement flooding. Discharge pipes run under the basement slab where possible to reduce noise.

No More Dents

Fiberglass front doors because you wouldn`t buy a new car with a dented door and you shouldn`t buy a new house with one either.

Can You Hear Me Now? Nope!

Our party walls have a 1” space down the middle separating neighboring townhouse and semi units from the foundation wall to the roof trusses. It is like building a singe home that is 1” away from the house next door.

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