Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Children should be carefully supervised when in the same room as a fireplace because of the high glass surface temperatures when the fireplace is running. Both childen and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high glass surface temperatures at the fireplace and should stay away to avoid burns or ignition of clothing. The exterior venting terminal will also get hot when the fireplace is running and should be avoided.

Home owners must keep the area around the fireplace clear of combustible materials (i.e. furniture). Under no circumstances should any flammable liquid (such as scented oils or vapours from aerosol sprays) be kept near the fireplace. The fireplace should not be used as a drying rack for clothing, nor should Christmas stockings or decorations be hung on or around the fireplace.

It is recommended that home owners burn in their fireplace for at least 10 hours the first time they use it.This will burn off any oilsand get rid of any odors eminating from the initial burning.

A professional service person should be contacted to inspect the fireplace and venting system on an annual basis.

Even though the firebox paint is designed for high temperatures, it may change colour over time.

Keep the interior of the glass clean. If a white residue, (burnt dust particles) appears on the interior surface follow the manufacturers instructions in the compartment directly under the fireplace.

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