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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile floors need to be washed regularly. Home owners must not use vinegar as a cleaning agent for ceramic tile or polished marbles. Vinegar will slowly destroy the glazing of ceramic tile and will instantly etch polished marbles. Home owners should be cautious when purchasing “tile and grout” cleaners. Many of them are simply bleach and may have a tendency to erode the colour consistency of coloured grout.

Ammonia and water is probably the safest and most reliable “every day” cleaner. Use a large cotton mop (or similar) with lots of water and ammonia. Rinse with clean water after 10 minutes. Sponge mops are not recommended. Use a stiff brush (with extension handle?) to periodically clean grout joints. Grout joints sit lower than the tile surface and will collect excess dirty water. Grout sealers can be used - home owners should visit our flooring suppliers for selections and recommendations.

Minor variations in grout colours are normal.

Bathroom floors are not water tight. Water that flows on bathroom floor tiles will run to the edges along cabinets and baseboards or to floor vents and will continue to flow down to the areas below.

Left over ceramic tiles should be left under the basement stairs.

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