Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Garage Overhead Doors

Steel garage doors are very durable and can last much longer than wood garage doors with a minimum of maintenance. They do however dent very easily. Garage door dents will be the responsibility of the purchaser if they are not found before closing and listed on the PDI.

Garage doors must have all moving parts, i.e. rollers, hinges, springs and bearings, lubricated using an oil based lubricant on a regular basis.

The garage door trim has a rubber weatherseal that provides the tightest seal possible against wind and rain penetration. It is however, not weatherproof. This rubber weatherseal can sometimes stick to the paint on the garage door when the sun hits the paint and makes it soft and sticky. A silicone spray can be applied to the back of the weatherseal to keep it from sticking to the garage door.

Mountainview will not warranty the garage door(s) or related equipment if a garage door opener has been installed by a company or individual other than one contracted by Mountainview (as per Schedule E-1).

If a company contracted by Mountainview installs the garage door opener, the light bulbs and batteries are not warrantied beyond the day of closing.

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