Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Damage resulting from normal wear and tear or improper maintenance is excluded from the statutory warranty. Damaged countertops not identified on the P.D.I. form may be excluded from the statutory warranty.


Use a mild soap and water solution to clean your countertops. Rinse with clean water and dry immediately. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, bleaching agents, or abrasive household cleaners.

Countertops are susceptable to damage from standing water. Care must be taken to ensure that joints and openings at sinks and faucets are kept free of standing water. Extended exposure to water or dampness could cause the joints to split and the laminate to lift.

Never place hot pots or pans directly on the countertop. The heat may discolour or burn the countertop.

Never place appliances that generate condensation (kettles, coffee makers, deep fryers) directly over countertop joints.

Make sure that the stove is flush or above the edge of the countertop. This will prevent peeling and bubbling of the laminate. Heat escaping through the sides of a self cleaning oven can damage the counter.

Manufactured solid surface and granite countertops can be brittle and may be damaged by impact.

Sitting on or dropping heavy objects on countertops creates excessive loads which may cause cracking.

Mountainview does not caulk the gap between the counter backsplash and the drywall behind. As part of the home owner’s overall maintenance this may be completed after any settling has occured.

Wood Cabinets

Cabinet doors and drawers can become misaligned through normal use. Regular home maintenance includes the adjustment of these items from time to time. Visit http://www.raywal.com/h_customer.asp for illustrated instructions on how to align the cabinet doors and drawers.

Use a mild non-abrasive soap and a damp cotton cloth to clean your cabinetry. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or bleaching agents. Use a “blotting” action rather than a wiping motion when cleaning your cabinets. Don’t use too much water. Excess water can damage your cabinets and is not covered under your warranty.

Never drape damp cloths or dishtowels over cabinet doors. The moisture can cause permanent peeling and discolouration. Excessive home humidity may warp cabinet doors. Smoke from cigarettes or pipes may discolour cabinets.

Thermofoil Cabinets

Never use abrasive cleaners or those with acetone, ethyl alcohol, mineral oils or harsh solvents such as turpentine which may break down cabinet edge bonds.

Heat can damage Thermofoil cabinets. When using heat producing appliances, such as ovens, open all doors and drawer fronts around the appliance to avoid damage.

Glass Door Cabinets

Use a household glass cleaner sprayed directly on a clean, soft cloth.

Never let excess glass cleaner run into cabinet joints.

Never use cleaners containing sodium hydrochloride, phosphoric acid, or sulfur.

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