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Foundation Walls

Foundation walls naturally crack during curing due to shrinkage. The cracks are usually located at corners, at beam pockets, and at basement windows. Cracks resulting from normal shrinkage are acceptable. Cracks in excess of 6mm will be repaired.

Foundation leaks that occur within the two year basement water penetration warranty will be repaired. Leaks resulting from improper maintenance, exterior grade alterations made by the homeowner, an act of God or failure of municipal services or other utilities are excluded from the statutory warranty. When there is a leak, home owners must take immediate steps to prevent damage to their property and then report any losses to their insurance provider. Secondary damage to property or any personal injury resulting from the leak are excluded from the statutory warranty.

Efflorescence is the formation of a white crystalline deposit on the surface of concrete and masonry when moisture evaporates from the surface. It is an indication that moisture is moving through the material to the surface, which is a normal condition. Efflorescence can be removed with a stiff brush and water.

Moisture on foundation wall surfaces may be caused by capillary transport of water or condensation of water vapour on cold surfaces. Condensation is most common in the late spring and summer when concrete surfaces are cooler and the humidity in the outside air is high. Home owners should immediately reduce the moisture levels in the basement air to prevent damage to property. Moisture levels in the air can be reduced by using a dehumidifier, closing the basement windows to prevent the humid outside air from entering, increasing the amount of ventilation to the area by running the furnace fan, and running an air conditioner. Damage caused by dampness or condensation due to failure by the homeowner to maintain adequate ventilation is excluded from the statutory warranty.

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