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Driveway Paving

The standard driveway has a 2” basecoat asphalt surface. The final coat of asphalt shall be the purchasers responsibility (as per Schedule ‘C’). In the event that repairs are required to the driveway, a surface coating in the effected area will be used (as per Schedule ‘C’).

Cracks may develop in driveways due to environmental conditions, soil settling, de-icing chemicals, or shrinkage. These are not warrantable. Heavy loads from large vehicles may also damage driveways. Prolong the life of a driveway by filling in cracks. Every 2-5 years, apply a driveway surface finish. Fillers and roller-applied finishes are available at hardware stores, or the job may also be contracted out. Acrylic sealers are less toxic and last longer than cheaper solvent-based sealers.

Wash away spilled gasoline and solvents immediately, as they will quickly dissolve asphalt. From time to time during the winter, remove the slush that falls off cars, as the salt in it can harm the driveway surface. Avoid chemical de-icers for the same reason.

Water valve boxes in the driveway at the front property line will rise each winter with the frost in the ground and will often stay up an inch or two when the driveway settles back down. The valve box can be hammered back down flush with the driveway. This is a regular maintenance item that is the purchaser’s responsibility.

Wait until sidewalks are installed and water valve boxes are located and confirmed to be functioning before installing a concrete driveway. It is best to wait until the subdivision is assumed.

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