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Assumption is the process by which the financial and legal obligations for the subdivision are transferred from the developer to the local Municipality. Prior to assuming this responsibility, various things must be completed by the Developer at the direction of, and to the satisfaction of the Municipality. These include but are not limited to the completion of the top course of asphalt on the roadway, catch basins will be raised and cleaned, sidewalk and curbs will be completed and/or repaired wherever necessary, and water shut off valves (curb stops) will be repaired as necessary.

Curb Stops control the water supply to your home, and the municipality requires that they be clearly visible (not buried) and fully operational prior to assumption, so that if water bills are unpaid, they can shut off the supply of water to your home. During construction, these water boxes can be bent or broken, and sometimes are buried and in all such cases will need to be dug up and repaired.

Should the curb stop be located within your asphalt driveway, a patch will be applied to the access hole which will be cut into your driveway. If you happen to have taken a credit and installed your own driveway, and in so doing have broken and/or buried your curb stop, any repairs required to your driveway will be the homeowners responsibility. We strongly encourage homeowners to have their contractors confirm that these waterboxes are properly functional prior to installing their driveways, and once again upon completion of the driveway.

Some municipalities require the boulevard portion of the driveway to be completed prior to assumption. If you have taken a credit for your driveway but at the time of assumption not yet installed your driveway, Mountainview may have to install an asphalt driveway over the boulevard portion in front of your lot.

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