Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Decks and Fencing

Damage to wood decks resulting from improper maintenance or additions, deletions, or alterations made by the homeowner is excluded from the statutory warranty.

The decks stain colour will fade with exposure to the elements. Stain colour in areas with intense sun exposure will vary more than in areas that have some protection. Wood is a natural material and stain penetration may vary with wood type and grain patterns. Even galvanized nails can discolour over time and may stain adjacent deck surfaces.

Small slivers may develop from weathering and can be easily removed by sanding the deck as part of a normal home maintenance program. Nail heads may protrude from the surface over time and can also be easily reset as part of a regular home maintenance program. Rail posts may split and crack. Cracking and twisting of deck lumber is a natural occurrence.

We encourage purchasers when considering constructing a fence and/or deck to consult with their local municipality as to the permit processes, and zoning provisions. Different municipality’s have different rules about fence height, and deck area requirements.

Call Before You Dig

When digging for fence posts, landscaping, etc. home owners MUST call for utility locations. Ontario-One-Call (1-800-400-2255 or www.on1call.com) will arrange for most locates. If they do not do a particular type of locate they will advise home owners on who to contact. This service is free of charge but requires up to 5 working days to complete. No one wants to hit a buried utility. A buried utility could be someone’s lifeline, and/or could cause personal injury or death if severed while digging.

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