Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Lot Grading

The lot grading is designed to route surface water away from the house as part of the overall grading and drainage plan for the entire subdivision. This Master Grading Plan has been approved by the municipality and deviations from the plan are not permitted. Should the home owner interfere with this drainage system, it would be the home owners responsibility to restore the swale and drainage characteristics prior to assumption.

If installing a fence, do not do so until your lot is properly graded and sodded as the pre-existing grade may change. Also, do not install fence posts in the centre of swales, these will interrupt the function of the swale, and will need to be relocated at the homeowners expense prior to assumption of the subdivision.

Swales (shallow ditches) at various locations on the lot route surface water away from the house along a designed network of paths to storm inlets or catch basins. Home owners are not allowed to fill or alter swales as this may affect the drainage on their lot, or the drainage of neighbouring lots. Any damage caused to property resulting from altered drainage swales is not the responsibility of Mountainview Homes.

The drainage pattern of a lot has been designed to drain water under normal rainfall conditions. Heavy or prolonged periods of rain may result in some standing water. This standing water will dissipate gradually over time as things dry up.

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