Mountainview Home Owner Manual


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Carpeted floors need to be vacuumed regularly (at least weekly). Loose soil should be removed while it remains on the carpet surface. Home owners must watch for protruding or loose piles and loops when they are vacuuming. They can get caught in the vacuum cleaner. Carpets should be deep cleaned professionally (or do-it-yourself) every 12 to 14 months.

Berber carpets require special care. It is important to never walk on Berber carpets with high heals, to keep pets with claws off Berber carpets, and to use a high suction vacuum cleaner without a rotating brush to clean Berber carpets. A vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush will damage Berber carpets. A pulled loop in Berber carpet can run the length of the carpet and is not warranted.

Carbon black is a phenomenon where dark stains appear on the carpet around the room perimeter. This is a result of airborn carbon material settling at areas where there may be very slight air movement. Smoke from burning scented candles is often the main source of this carbon deposit. Light coloured carpets accentuate the condition. As the builder, Mountainview cannot control the sources of carbon in the house that are not related to the builder’s work or materials. Candles should never be lit in new homes (some burn cleaner than others). White carpets should be avoided as they show the filtered dirt and carbon more than darker colours (the dirt can be power cleaned, the carbon can not).

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