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Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system is designed to be capable of maintaining an indoor air temperature of 24o Celsius when the outdoor temperature is 30o Celsius and all of the drapes and blinds have been closed.

If the air conditioner will not come on, the following steps must be taken prior to calling for service: A) ensure the thermostat is set to the “Cool” position and the fan is set to the “Auto” position. B) turn down the thermostat setting a few degrees and see if the air conditioner will start. C) check the furnace and air conditioner circuit breakers at the electrical panel, they may need to be reset by switching them off and then on again. D) ensure the furnace power switch (similar to a light switch) located near the furnace is in the on position. E) check the outdoor disconnect switch in the gray box by the air conditioner to make sure it is in the “On” position.

If the air conditioner will come on but will not cool the house, the following steps should be taken prior to calling for service: A) allow 18 to 24 hours for the air conditioner to bring the house down to a reasonable conditioned temperature. B) check that the furnace filter is clean and replace if required (most common cause of air conditioner failure). C) close all basement registers and if in a two story home open the second floor registers completely, and open the main floor registers 3/4 of the way. D) cover windows with high sun exposure with blinds or curtains during peak periods of sun. E) ensure the air conditioning unit is clean. F) ensure there is no ice forming at the air conditioner or at the air conditioning coil in the furnace - this will require a call for service.

Home owners should leave the air conditioner on at night - turning it off and opening the windows will transfer heat indoors and consume more elecricity. It is recommended to maintain a constant temperature at the thermostat. Setting the temperature higher at night and when gone during the day will consume more electricity to cool the house down again. Setting the temperature higher when gone for extended periods (one or two days) will consume more electricity to re-condition the home.

Air conditioners must be maintained to provide maximum efficiency. A clean system = optimum performance and long life. A clean furnace filter maximizes air circulation. Always check to make sure the furnace filter is clean. In new homes the furnace filter may need to be replaced weekly for the first couple of months. Filter changes should normally be done on a monthly basis. Outdoor pollutants, grass clippings and neighbourhood construction dirt will affect the overall performance of the air conditioner. Keep the unit clean. When watering flowers, one should also water the air conditioner. To do this, shut the power off and direct a hose nozzle to the sides of the air conditioner to rinse off all dirt.

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